Card Holder - Wallet - 4 Compartments - Cowhide Leather - Vegetable Tanned - 100% Handmade

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This slick, minimalist leather wallet and cardholder is perfect for everyday use. Designed to provide effortless and safe storage of 4-8 credit cards, ID’s, business cards, folded cash,etc. It has a total of 5 compartments - 4 card pockets and 1 full-length money pocket. Due to leather’s unique ability to stretch over time, this spacious wallet can fit anywhere from 4 to 8 cards, as well as cash in the money pocket.

Premium quality, byproduct, cowhide leather
Vegetable-tanned, organic root dyed
5 compartments: 4 card pockets and 1 full-length pocket for cash
100% handmade

Please Note: Shades and color appearances may differ. Each piece of leather has a unique texture, which affects the dye performance, resulting in several shades of the same color. As leather ages, it darkens naturally and changes shades, creating a new, unique look. To maintain the vibrant color and texture, it is recommended to use leather protectant spray.