Elephant Genuine Leather Backpack

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Size: 11"Wx 11"H x 5"D
Color: Brown

Elephant Design Leather Backpack Vintage

Each Leather backpack comes in different, rich, and contrasting colors, making it truly pop. In addition, voluminous 3D details add vibrance and depth to the unique, Vintage, hand-painted design. This spacious backpack includes an outer and inner pocket, adjustable straps, and a handle, allowing for comfortable and practical everyday use. 

  • Premium quality, byproduct, cowhide leather

  • Vegetable-tanned, organic root dyed

  • Magnetic button clasp snap opening

  • Adjustable straps (insert size), additional handle on top

  • One front pocket, one inside pocket with a zipper

  • 100% handmade and hand-painted

  • Vintage Backpack Elephant Design

For custom orders, please contact us at: sales@chicatolia.com, +(312) -608-7227, or @chicatolia on Instagram.

Please Note: As each backpack is one of its kind, the shades of leather may differ. Each piece of leather has a unique texture, which affects the dye performance, resulting in several shades of the same color. Additionally, each backpack is a direct product of the artist's inspiration, so the color schemes of decorative details, such as flowers, outfits, and earrings, may differ. As leather ages, it darkens naturally and changes shades, creating a new, unique look. To maintain the vibrant color and texture, it is recommended to use leather protectant spray.