Belt Strap Leather Journal - The Heart

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Unique handmade leather bound journals. This great piece of art is combined with a Journal made from top quality Persian Paper which can also be used as a notebook, sketchbook or diary.
Great quality wrinkled colored leather with Belt Straps on the exterior. The leather journal is secured shut with a C-hook and the book itself is very easy to use as the soft durable leather can easily open and close without any effort.

Each journal is handmade, some variations may occur from product pictured. These differences are very minor and do not affect the overall beauty of the book.

*Unique 100% handmade from quality leather with Persian paper and C-hook to keep journal shut. Organic German Dye - Comes in 4 Colors (Brown - Red - Green - Blue). Can be used as a Notebook, Diary, Sketchbook, Writing and Drawing.

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