Leather Passport Holder

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This minimalist, leather passport holder and wallet is a very practical travel accessory. It features two big pockets for passports, boarding passes, cash,and extra space, as well as two pockets for 4 cards, ID’s, etc. The passport holder/wallet comes with a convenient snap button system to ensure the safety of your belongings.Perfect for traveling organized and in style.

Premium quality, durable, byproduct, cowhide leather
Vegetable-tanned, organic root dyed
2 big pockets, 2 pockets for cards, secured with a snap button
100% handmade

Please Note: Shades and color appearances may differ. Each piece of leather has a unique texture, which affects the dye performance, resulting in several shades of the same color. As leather ages, it darkens naturally and changes shades, creating a new, unique look. When used, leather pockets stretch out with time, creating more room to store credit cards, cash, etc. To maintain the vibrant color and texture, it is recommended to use leather protectant spray.