Evil Eye Leather Bracelet

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  • Waterproof
  • Genuine Leather
  • Handmade

In Chicatolia, our entire selection is “Handmade”*.
Our bracelets and necklaces are made of leather that was treated via “a vegetal tanning” process, an “organic” treatment using natural materials, and “no chemicals”.
We seek and select the premium quality to provide our customers the l satisfaction with their purchase.
The high-quality leather we use makes our bracelets the definition of heritage with an edge.

We use the best possible methods to accurately communicate its beauty. Yet, even in the best quality photos, there might be some differences in color, tone, or pattern compared to the actual product.

Leather is a natural product. When the leather is brand new, it has very small white spots on it. By the time, you use the product, these white spots would disappear. After 6 months of use, your leather will get its best shape.
The natural leather starts with a lighter color and gets darker with use. That is the beauty of owning and using a natural leather product. It witnesses your story and reflects that by changing colors.
Our number one priority is customer satisfaction via sustaining our h materials and creative designs.


PLEASE NOTE the leather item's coloring, markings, knots, minor scratches, and leather characteristics will vary because of the nature of leather.  Each item will be unique!