2021 Spring/Summer Bag Trends

The bag is an essential accessory that complements our style. If it has an up-to-date model, it is a detail that will make all our combinations look very different. Just as general fashion trends slow down, there is also a slowdown in bag trends. Many models from last year will remain current this year. Let's take a look at the 2021 bag trends together.
Tote Bags
It is impossible not to love this comfortable bag model. Considering our comfort, the designers present us this model with a slightly updated version in 2021.

Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi

Bucket bags did not leave the podiums again.
Dolce Gabbana, Etro
Bags designed in various geometric shapes are just as trendy as the buckets. You can choose between cylinder, cube, cone, prism, sphere, and more.
Gabriela Hearst, Lanvin
Straw Bags
Straw bags are a summer classic. It is a must have that will save every summer combination.
Etro, Fendi
Crochet Bags
Crochet bags are indispensable for summer like straw bags. You can invest in these types of bags and evaluate them in the long term.
Fendi, Bottega Veneta
Crossbody and Necklace Bags
The comfort of crossbody bags is indisputable. Whether you tie your bag to your waist or carry it on your shoulder. Or, for those with a minimum of items, there is an even better idea: a necklace bag.
Louis Vuitton, Max Mara
Tiny Ornamental Bags
Its function is debatable, but the aesthetic pleasure it gives us is never. The tiny bags, which you can see most in Chanel's collection, abandoned their usual functions and switched to jewelry.
Saint Laurent, Chanel
This is the main bag trends of 2021. Apart from that, bag bags, shopper bags, classic models and signature models of each fashion house are of course up-to-date. You can also take a look at Chicatolia's specially designed hand-painted wallets, backpacks and leather bags.