The name “Chicatolia” is derived from very important words to us: Chic, Chicago, Anatolia, and the Atelier. “Chic” is the way we present our products while “lia” means “bringer of good things”. Anatolia is the mythical name of the land where we come from meaning “the land where the sun rises”. Most of the products in our store are produced in our Atelier in Anatolia-Turkey and brought over to Chicago and have been very well accepted by the Chicagoans. From Hagia Sophia to Gobeklitepe, from Ephesus to Mount Ararat, Anatolia is known to be the home of up to 15,000 years old civilizations. Chicatolia is bringing the culture, patterns and textures, motifs, and perspectives of the Anatolians from an ancient cradle of history to America.

Our customers know Chicatolia through festivals, fairs, and events for the last 10 years. In late 2019 we introduced Chicatolia Artisan Collective, a cause-driven retail store and event space in the heart of Chicago’s historic Andersonville neighborhood. We designed the Store to be a Center for Gallery Exhibition, Workshops, and Social Events for Fundraising activities. We will keep on promoting the artists and their art, regardless of us selling their products. We will be announcing the event program on our website. Please follow us online for the upcoming event.

We have tried to create an environment with a thriving design where our customers can see and feel the quality. They can find a unique item, maybe a gift with a story behind it, a gift that means something in the making, buying, and giving. Chicatolia Artisan Collective is a conscious community. Our products have been produced with great effort from the highest quality materials. For example, for our Chicatolia Leather products, we are using byproduct leather only. We utilize a natural root coloring and vegetable tanning process.

At Chicatolia, anybody and everybody will find something they’ll fall in love with, it’s inevitable. If it is not in our store, it’s probably in the next dispatch. If it is not there either, we will custom produce it for them. As our customers share on our social media, they will find high-quality items at reasonable, fair prices. We pledge that Chicatolia is and will always be worth a visit. And please also keep in mind; that Chicatolia will be contributing a significant amount of its profit to our current and future social projects. The most favorite part of our job is this sense of satisfaction.

Our handpicked vendors are an important part of our business strategy. We make sure that they match our Fairtrade, quality, and company values and expectations. Our goal is to sponsor and promote as many qualified local and global artisans who need our support and help to reach their goals and get the respect they deserve.