A Bifold, Premium Leather Wallet (Khaki - Black)

$ 49.00

A bifold, premium leather wallet. There are 6 quick access card slots; 3 on each side, and slip pockets under the card slots. The large space at the back is separated to store your banknotes and other stuff. This is a two-color wallet. Choose the matching colors you like because your wallet will age beautifully along with you. Don't forget a man's wallet represents many things - his character, his style, and his generosity.

Please Note: The leather’s coloring, markings, knots, minor scratches, and leather characteristics will vary because of the nature of leather. Each piece of leather has a unique texture, which affects the dye performance, resulting in several shades of the same color. As leather ages, it darkens naturally and changes shades, creating a new, unique look. When used, leather pockets stretch out with time, creating more room to store credit cards, cash, etc. To maintain the vibrant color and texture, it is recommended to use leather protectant products

 Size (inches)
Size (cm)

(W) 4,4"x (H) 3,54"x (D) 0,59"

(W)8,46"x (H) 3,54"

11,2 x 9 x 1,5 (folded)

21,5 x 9 (unfolded)

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