Organic, Double-Stranded, Rounded Leather Wristband with the “Sailor Knot” Model Stainless Steel Clasp

$ 69.00

An organic, double-stranded, rounded leather wristband with the “sailor knot ” model stainless steel clasp is one of the classics of Chicatolia.

The clasp of this wristband is black which makes this product unique in the collection.

Very strong. Its design and quality make it a best seller.

And of course, this wristband is handmade.

 Size (inches)
Size (cm)

(L) 6,69" x (W) 0,31"

(L) 7,08" x (W) 0,31"

(L) 7,48" x (W) 0,31"

S size - 17 x 0,8

M size - 18 x 0,8

L size - 19 x 0,8

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