Organic Leather Wristband with a Stainless Steel “Sailor Knot” Clasp

$ 59.00

The organic leather wristband with a stainless steel “sailor knot” clasp is one of the favorites of our customers. The double strands are flat and neat-cut. The leather will get softer and get your wrist shape. It will also get darker with time.

It is a classic model. Very strong. Its design and quality make it a best seller.

And of course, this wristband is handmade

 Size (inches)
Size (cm)

(L) 6,69" x (W) 0,43"

(L) 7,08" x (W) 0,43"

(L) 7,48" x (W) 0,43"

S size - 17 x 1,1

M size - 18 x 1,1

L size - 19 x 1,1

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