Leather goods are abundant in most people's closets. Leather shoes, leather bags, leather clothes are just some of them. In fact, sometimes our daily accessories are made of leather. Cleaning of leather products is of special importance. Therefore, the question of "how to clean leather" is at the top of the issues that people are most curious about. The natural and sensitive leather requires precision in its cleaning. In this blog, we talked about the methods you can use for leather cleaning. Here are the methods of leather cleaning, where you will get the best results;

 1.How to Clean Leather Bag

We can protect the leather bags we want to use for many years by periodically cleaning them in a way that they will not wear. A maintained leather bag is much more durable and suitable for many years of use than synthetic bags. The most guaranteed way to clean the leather bag was to use vaseline. Putting petroleum jelly over the stained area with a soft cloth, wiping it gently will save your bag from the stain as well as provide a brighter appearance. You can get a healthier surface by repeating this process at 4-5 week intervals.

However, there is another method if you want to clean the dust on the bag. Again, by wetting the soft cloth dust cloth and gently foaming it with soap, apply it to the area where there is stain or dust and enjoy a new bag.

 2.How to Clean Leather Clothing

Leather clothes, which can be worn almost every season, are in the closet of everyone, regardless of men and women. It is important that we provide cleaning and maintenance for many years, such as bags. We can say that the cleaning of leather clothes is similar to leather bags. However, there are some points to be aware of. Washing your leather clothes in the washing machine is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. Instead, it will be enough to pass over a leather jacket with petroleum jelly or a cream. In this way, the leather to be refed will have a more vivid appearance.

 3.How to Clean Leather Shoes

Another product that has a very important place among leather products is shoes. Leather shoes are brighter and more vivid, and they have a stylish texture like the first day. The way to achieve this is through a piece of cotton and olive. Cleaning the shoe by pouring a few drops of olive on cotton will give the shoe a newer look, as well as keeping the leather of higher quality. With this method, you can use your leather shoes as if you have just bought them and combine them with your most elegant clothes.