The Advantages of Cloth Bags

If you want to use the same bag for a long time or even years, and you prefer that the bag you use is environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling, you should join those who use cloth bags.

How many kilograms of goods can you put in a bag? Compared to the bag, a cloth bag that can be hung on the shoulder or carried by hand can carry a minimum of 10-15 pounds of goods. Moreover, you can safely use it without the risk of tearing and breaking.

   Plastic bags or cardboard bags cannot offer you the richness of design, printing, size and variety in cloth bags. However, the cloth bag can be produced in oval or triangular shape, or cylinder and in every way you can think of. If you want, you can print your own picture or your familys logo or your company logo. In terms of practicality, the cloth bags are folded together and can be put into your pocket as well as a huge carrying bag when you need them. It provides convenience with its pockets inside.

   It is not possible to hang the plastic or nylon bag on your neck because its handles are not produced accordingly. Rope hangers attached to cardboard bags both cut and hurt the skin and have low strength. Moreover, a cardboard bag that you carry on your shoulder or back will bother you very much, but cloth bags are not. Cloth bags are products that can increase your burden with their handles of all sizes, back, handles, shoulder straps, one-sided cross or double-sided handles.