How to Paint Cloth Bag?

You have a simple cloth bag or a cloth bag you made yourself. If you think how can I dye this cloth bag, let's begin to explain what is necessary and how it is done. Firstly, what are the necessary materials.


Paintable cloth bag

Fabric dye or spray fabric dye

Stencil template

Stencil adhesive

Fabric transfer

When painting your cloth bag, you can use spray or style matte fabric paint. If you apply with spray fabric paint, shake the paint well and tighten it from a distance of 30 cm. If you are going to squeeze it first, squeeze it into another place, not directly on the fabric, then paint the bag.

We can prevent it by removing the dyes in your cloth bag by doing the right application. It is absolutely necessary to iron and fix in reverse 24 hours after painting. In washing, you can wash without going over 30 degrees. If you are going to transfer fabric to your cloth bag decoration, do not remove the transfer before the pattern cools.

If you are going to paint your cloth bag with fabric paints, you can paint the floor and then work on the pattern. You can also work directly on the pattern without painting the floor.