Wallet vs Card Holder, Which Is Best for You?

Your wallet that has been with you for years is now complete and you need a new wallet. But which one is better for you, wallet or card holder? We have prepared a small guide for you to make your decision easily.

The easiest way to start comparing wallet and card holder is to ask yourself the following question. Are a few credit cards and driving licenses enough for you or do you love to use your wallet to store cash, business cards, travel cards, family photos and more?

One of the obvious differences between wallet and card holder is that you can carry most of your personal belongings more securely. Most wallets have handy compartments. There are also small zippered compartments for your coins. Your wallet is also an essential piece to show off your style. A sporty wallet can accompany your combinations while going for a walk and a leather wallet while going for a coffee.

Card holders do not take up as much space as a wallet, you can easily carry them in the pocket of your trousers or jackets. Another advantage is that it lets you decide which items are important to you to carry with you on a daily basis. Your public transport card, credit or debit card, as well as some cash, may usually be enough for you.

Before making your final decision, be sure to review Chicatolia's hand painted wallet and useful card holders. Moreover, we are sure that you will find a piece suitable for you at discounted prices.