2021 Color Trends

The color trends of the year announced by Pantone exceed a sense of hope, optimism and renewal. Here are the 2021 color trends that are expected to stand out in fashion, make-up, decoration and all areas of our lives all year round…

Pantone announced ultimate gray and vibrant yellow as 2021 color. "When the gray clouds clear, we can see the sunlight," Pantone official Leatrice Eiseman explained the colors of the year.

Vivid yellow evokes a sense of hope and optimism after a turbulent year, while gray represents credibility, especially after the pandemic, where community and comradeship awareness gained importance. When gray and yellow come together, it conveys a message of unity, stability and hope.


The head color of 2021 fashion has been determined; It seems that we can use Buttercream a lot in trousers and t-shirts especially in the spring.

Green Ash

In spectacle frames, nail polishes, headbands and many more details, Green Ash will be one of the most fun colors of 2021.


It's time to adapt our brands and bags to 2021 with this delightful yellow. If you have never used yellow in your style yet, remember that it will add creativity and inspiration to you throughout the day.


If you are looking for the perfect fall dress, we can recommend you to look in Marigold color. Keep in your pocket the knowledge that this color will allow you to stay positive and reduce your anxiety and stress.

Desert Mist

This color comes to support our autumn with a full reflection of the Sahara Desert. In this period, it would be very wise to use this color on cardigans and coats, nail polish and phone cases.


Are those here who want to feel above the clouds? One of the most important reasons for Cerulean to be chosen as the 2021 color may be that we miss the sky so much in 2020 in homes. With this color, we can use it in our daily lives and heal our past.


Here is a real cool color! Trousers, skirts, boots, bags or tights in this color; Whatever you combine, it will return to you with the compliment that you have a lot of style.


The nobility of the mint color is also in our lives in 2021 thanks to Pantone. You can also use this color in your home decoration and guarantee that you will always stay in mint freshness.

Amethyst Orchid

A very emotional color is at the heart of the 2021 catalog again. You can benefit from the emotional power of the color by using this color especially in your underwear and on a necklace you wear close to your heart.

Ultimate Gray

This joker color, which we are most happy to be in 2021, offers us the ease of dressing at all times. It's his duty in 2021 to come to our aid when we don't feel brave enough to wear white and choose to be less visible with black.

Raspberry Sorbet

The fashion colors of 2021 are quite balanced, Pantone, which takes care to accommodate all shades, showed us plenty of pink tones that will make us feel especially excited.