How to Care for a Leather Wallet?

Ordering handmade leather products shows that you have a good enjoyment and know the appreciate the value of leather products, but still we wanted to give brief information about how you can extend the life of the leather product.

Persistence in our modern age, where everything is consumed and thrown away, you can leave your children and even grandchildren with handcrafted leather goods. The high-quality leather wallet is beautiful as you use it. As it ages, it gains character and its true value is understood over the years. One of its most important features is its long life. By taking care of your leather wallet in a few simple ways, you can extend its life and maintain its durability.


We can briefly list how you can extend the life of leather products in the following items.

  1. Protect the wallet against stains
  2. Dry the leather wallet in its very wet state
  3. If the leather wallet is too dry, use a conditioner
  4. Do not fill the wallet
  5. Leather needs to breathe.

We do not use polish or paint to protect the natural texture of the leather. Thus, we expect the leather to develop a natural patina that becomes more beautiful as it is used. We recommend that you take maximum care to protect the wallet against stains. For example, the leather wallet trousers that you carry in the back pocket of your jeans can take on the color. We recommend you be cautious about such situations.

1.If the leather wallet is too wet

You can clean out your wallet and dry it naturally at room temperature. Never dry with a hairdryer/blow dryer! It changes the chemical structure of the leather that dries quickly and its fibers become hard. Its life is shortened and becomes unusable after a short time. It is necessary to wait for the very wet leather to dry naturally at room temperature.

 2.If the leather wallet is too dry

Over time, the leather loses its oil and fibers dry and begin to crack. This causes permanent deformations on the leather and the leather loses its durability. The very dry leather wallet also shortens its life. Apply a small amount of cream to a clean sponge and feed it into the leather in a circular motion.

3.If the leather wallet is scratched or dirty

If there are stains, vinegar and soap can be used as a good cleaner. Mix vinegar and soap with a small amount of cloth and rub the leather. Afterward, simply wipe with a damp cotton cloth to remove any residue. Never use wet wipes! After these processes, you can lubricate the leather with care creams.

4.Do not fill the wallet

The leather can stretch and never come back. When you start to fill your wallet over its capacity, it adapts to you and is now deformed. Get used to carrying the right amount of cards/cash, leave the wallet a little comfortable. We recommend that you stop carrying anything other than cards, IDs, and money in your wallet.

5.The Leather needs to breathe

When storing wallets you do not use, do not wrap them in plastic bags. Leather is like your leather after all and needs air. The structure of the leather product, which remains in a closed, stuffy place, deteriorates over time.