How Do You Decorate the Notebook?

Thousands of different books are sold on the stationery and on the Internet. However, the photograph of a loved artist or patterns in different colors can be easily made by the notebook owners. Dozens of different methods are used to decorate notebooks, the most commonly used notebook decorating techniques are:For an original and colorful notebook, small pictures such as stickers and stickers can be used at home, you can stick all the stickers you find on the front and back covers of the notebook. You can draw any figure you like by sewing in a hard cover notebook, for example, flower, diamond and heart figures are often used. A personalized notebook can be obtained by sticking colored, patterned and plain paper tapes to the notebook covers in a random order. Covering the notebooks with aging jeans can provide a magnificent notebook, and the pens will be carried in a stylish way by using the pocket parts of the jeans. Stickers suitable for all ages and tastes are the easiest option among notebook decoration techniques, and also adhesive foils used for furniture and walls can be used.  Stamps and glitter are preferred for a stylish and attractive notebook decoration. After decorating the outer surface of the notebook, a notebook with excellent design can be used with in-book decorating techniques. To decorate the inside of the notebook, small stickers can be attached to the text spaces, signatures or small pictures can be drawn. Decorating techniques with a nice appearance will increase motivation to use notebooks and study. At the same time, decorating notebooks used in meetings and offices helps to make a personal design. Colored and highlighter pens can be used on the inner and outer surface of the notebook. Colorful paints are an effective decorating method for personalizing and designing the notebook. You can have the most beautiful notebooks by using crayons, felt and ropes at hand.