How to Clean Leather Jacket

Washing machines and dryers are definitely not suitable for cleaning your leather clothes. The high heat and water received by the skin in the washing machine disrupt the structure of the skin and peeling and swelling may occur on the skin. You wouldn't want to see your favorite leather jacket spoiled, would you? Then you shouldn't even use the washing machine and leather jacket in the same sentence. In addition, in some searches about leather cleaning, you may come across results such as "How many degrees should the leather jacket be washed? This is all information pollution. As we said before, real leather is a natural product and water contact can change its structure.

You may love walking in rainy weather, but your leather jacket doesn't like it as much as you do. Our advice is not to use your leather jacket in the rain. However, if you are wearing a leather jacket when you are caught in the rain, try not to get as wet as possible. Despite the precautions you take, even if your jacket is wet, all you can do is let it dry at room temperature. Heater etc. to speed up the drying process of your jacket. Do not use any methods.

One of the curious questions is: "Is the leather jacket ironed?" We give an answer to this question that will make you happy. You can iron your wrinkled leather jacket, but of course not like ironing normal clothes. While doing this; Use your iron on a dry and low setting and always put a cloth on the leather jacket. Do not take too long to iron.

Slightly feathered leathers such as suede and nubuck are shaved during processing. These shaving powders can come off on your clothes. Experiencing such a situation does not indicate that you have received a bad or poor quality product. In order to prevent shaving dust, you can brush your suede jacket in the direction of our feather yacht with the help of a brush and dry sponge. Scrub; It is very useful for leather. Thus, dirt does not accumulate on your leather garment and the leather remains as fresh as the first day.

We know that leather clothing is a passion. In order to continue using your leather clothes fondly for many years, we recommend that you leave care to professional hands and prefer dry cleaning. In addition, if you think your jacket needs repair, we recommend that you do not take any action without consulting us. We never want anything bad to happen to your leather jacket.