How To Recognize Real Leather ?

Products such as leather shoes, wallets and belts that we use in our daily lives create similar questions in all of our minds. Is the product I bought genuine leather? What is the material used? In order to eliminate these question marks in your mind, we have explained the easy-to-understand techniques of the skin.

Many leather products sold in the market are artificial leather. Artificial leather is created by turning PVC into fine tissues. Since artificial leather is airtight and its raw material consists of plastic, it contains carcinogenic substances. It is very dangerous for human health. Artificial leather is deformed very quickly. It is always better to prefer genuine leather, not artificial leather, in terms of both health and quality.

So how do we know whether the leather we will buy is artificial leather or real leather?

1-Scraping Test If a scar remains when you scrape the top of the skin with the tip of your fingernail
and slowly returns to its original state, it is the real skin. When scratched on artificial
leather, there is no scar.

2-Fever Test When you set fire to the surface of the artificial leather with the help of a lighter,
the artificial leather starts to deform quickly. Real leather, on the other hand,
is not deformed unless it is directly exposed to fire.

3-Smell Test Real leather has a distinctive scent, like the pages of a book. Once you smell that scent,
it is possible to recognize the real leather.

4-Touch Test Artificial leather is generally thin and feels plastic when touched, it is flexible.
Real leather, on the other hand, feels it has a more textured and voluminous surface
when you hold it between your two fingers. It is thicker than artificial leather.
The touch test is just like the smell test. Once you touch real leather, you can easily distinguish it from artificial leather.

5- Needle Puncture Test If the tip of the needle is pricked into the leather product with the help of a needle,
if it passes through the skin, it is artificial leather. But if you have difficulty inserting the needle,
if it does not prick easily, it is genuine leather. 6-Price In the market, artificial leathers are sold for half the price of real leathers or even one third of them.
Real leather is never cheap. Real leather features: Real leather has a higher quality and more natural appearance. There are natural micro indentations and protrusions in the texture of the skin. It has a soft surface.
Genuine leather is more durable. It is not easily torn or deformed. · Parts have different surfaces. While some of it is striped, another part has a different texture. All leather texture is the same in artificial leather. If you pay attention to the tests described above, you can easily distinguish between real leather and fake leather.